Tuesday, March 30, 2010

10-03-30 "DU/TJs, Box Jumps, 1.5 Pood KB Swings"

5 rounds for time:
40 x Double-Unders/Tuck Jumps
30 x Box Jumps 24"
20 x 55lb Dumbbell Swings (aka 1.5 pood)
Total Time:@50 minutes
 In my defense, I was also coaching GHD sit-ups between rounds, and even between exercises in a given round. Not so much of an excuse, since if I was really and truly going for time, I would have ignored that need until afterwards...clearly I liked having the chance to get a little wind back and NOT end up booting all over the floor (note to self: Regis gym NEEDS a puke bucket!)

Had a small scare in the 3rd round when a small but sharp pain developed through my right knee during the box jumps.  Walked it off, went to go do something else, to try to figure out if it was serious.  Seemed to go away, so I continued the workout.  Both knees are sore as crap right now, as are both shins and ankles...that's a crap-load of floor impacts, even trying to make sure each and every one was under control!

For the first round, I completed all 40 double-unders, while on the next 4 rounds, I did 10 double-unders and then went on to tuck-jumps, the better to target the cardio aspect of the workout by chaining together the remaining 30 jumps, rather than getting a double-under or two at a time, giving lots of start-and-stop action.  I did manage a few chains of 4-5 double-unders, so its getting there.

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