Tuesday, March 29, 2011

03-29-11: Couplets and running

CrossFit Garden City WoD for March 18, 2011
3 sets of
Review and warmup Push Press and Sumo Deadlift High Pull
Determine appropriate weight for workout
  • AMRAP in 5 minutes:
  • Rest 5 minutes
  • AMRAP in 5 minutes:
    • 5 SDHP (95#)
    • 5 Pushups
  • Rest 5 minutes
  • Run 800 meters as fast as possible
Scale weight for Push Press and SDHP to keep technique solid and output HIGH.
Stay active during 5 minute rest periods (walk around, stretch, practice something, etc.)

The push press. Dip. Drive!
The Sumo Deadlift High Pull. Done correctly, the arms are barely used. Its all in the violent hip opening driving the bar up. The arms are basically CATCHING the bar before it hits you in the chin. Done correctly...

I'm honestly glad that it sucks to work out after going on a three or four day cupcake bender. (In my defense, my little girl turned three, and there were several discreet occasions that, if they didn't *demand* cupcakes, certainly suggested VERY strongly that cupcakes should be ingested.)  No, they weren't Paleo cupcakes. No, they were NOT Zone approved.  They were the awesome kind, with frosting and everything. The kind that goes straight to my ass and gut. The kind that you can feel when you start jumping rope for the first time in about a week. The kind you can feel almost instantly when you hit the treadmill at a dead run. The good kind of cupcake, which also means the evil kind. The only kind.

For the warm-up, I did the first two rounds of overhead squats using the jump-rope (also working on shoulder dislocates with it), and the final round with the barbell. Double-unders are starting to come along. I was trying to work in different patterns of single-bounce/double-under combinations, just trying to master the ability to go back and forth, as well as really hammering down double-under technique. Going slow then fast and back hopefully keeps me from going too fast. Either way, I got a couple of good links (11 during the 2nd set), and several 5s and 6s. Progress!

I did the Burgener warm-up twice before practicing the push press and sumo deadlift high pull (SDLHP), and decided to stick with the prescribed weight of 95#. Heavy, but not unmanageable for either lift. Push presses felt good for the first few sets, while pull-ups fell apart pretty quickly. By the third round, I had scaled the movement to jumping chest-to-bar pull-ups. It's always interesting to watch time speed up as you fatigue, and what seemed like an infinitely long 5 minutes when your lungs start burning has suddenly started racing by as you struggle to complete just one more set.

95# Push-Press/Pull-Up Couplet: 60 reps

Knowing that push-ups are a bit more in my wheelhouse than pull-ups, I had grand plans for the second couplet. While the 5 minute rest was just long enough to get a bit boring (I want to go NOW!), it was also just short enough to NOT let me completely recover. Yeah, I know, recovery should be measured in seconds, NOT minutes. Hopefully soon. Not yet, however. About halfway through the 3rd round of the second couplet, I knew I was in trouble. I was shooting for 90 reps (optimistically) and 80 more realistically.  As it turned out, I felt proud to grind out 72 reps. By about rep 50, I just wanted to lie on my back and look up at the narrow strip of sky visible through the glass roof. I fought that urge and continued slogging through... and now had only the same too long/too short 5 minutes to prep for the 800m run.

95# SDLHP/Push-Up Couplet: 72 reps

I started the treadmill at 10mph, hoping to be able to run the entire distance. However, my lungs fairly well exploded about halfway through. I found this interesting, since most of the distances I've run lately have been 400m. It turns out the body really IS very good at adapting at what you throw at it, and moving to an 800m distance clearly knocked the bloody hell out of me. After taking a few seconds to recover, I dropped the speed to 7.6 mph, a loping jog I can easily maintain. Easily. OK, I have an ok chance of NOT bonking "running" at that speed. It ain't fast, but it gets me where I'm going.

800m run: 3:05

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