Thursday, March 3, 2011

11-03-02: Ring Dips, Hang Power Cleans and Double-Unders

CrossFit Garden City WoD for Monday, February 28th, 2011
Active Stretching
Burgener Warm-Up x2
Ring Dips (41X0 tempo) x 4-5 reps  x 5 sets (2 min rest b/w sets)
3 rounds for time:
 - Choose weight on HPC and Double Under reps that allows for completion of workout in less than 10 minutes.

Look closely. Name a SINGLE muscle in the upper body that the ring dip doesn't hit. (CrossFit Central Oregon)
Every muscle in the body fires BEFORE the arms start moving at ALL. Hips open violently, shoulders shrug hard and fast, and AFTER the bar is moving, the arms finish the lift and get under it to let it rack on the shoulders. Notice this lifter is at FULL extension and the arms have barely bent at all. ( CrossFit Colorado Springs)
Double-unders at the 2010 CrossFit Games. Note the legs. The at-first weird looking angle is actually a sign of a fairly mature double-under. She's not wasting precious energy (or time) with a big jump, but is keeping it tight and close. (911 CrossFit / CrossFit Games)

I really hate working out with a head cold, but really, there was no good physical reason to not do it...other than the sore throat that made breathing hard agony... but not nearly as bad as Fran-lung feels, so whatever.  Took some extra time with the warm-up since my shoulders and pecs were still *crushed* from Tuesday's Tabata push-ups. After awhile, they definitely started feeling a bit better, but not a whole lot. Twice through the Burgener warm-up, adding in a hang power clean component also seemed to help. A little. Ah well, nothing like deep ring dips to wake up some sleepy, stiff shoulder carriage muscles! :)

Hopped on the rings and tried to keep to the prescribed pace (41x0 = 4 seconds down to the bottom, pause one second, extend up as fast as possible, then repeat without resting at the top).  I came down after only 4 reps, but had a feeling I could have held on for a fifth, a feeling I proved over the next 3 rounds. I'm sure I was counting too fast on the descents, but I tried to keep them as slow as possible. By the end of the 4th round, I was definitely getting tired, and the fifth rep out of the bottom was a bit slow and shaky. The 5th round started a bit better than that (2 minutes rest seemed like so LONG between the first two rounds, and just flew before the fifth, as always...), but quickly devolved. I barely locked out the 4th rep before coming off the rings. Still, not a bad little strength workout.  While my arms quivered, I started setting up equipment for the couplet.

Picking up the 45# plates for the bar, they felt SO heavy (rotten dead arms), but rather than drop straight to the 35# plates, I decided to put the 45# on the bar, just to see how they felt. One pretty good feeling test hang power snatch later, I decided to just go with those two plates. On the bar (35# by itself), the total was 125#, not too badly scaled from the 135# as Rx'ed. I figured it felt heavy, but liftable...hopefully for unbroken sets of ten. At least for the first round, I did manage to keep the set unbroken. My wrists were pretty fried by the end of it (from the extreme flexion necessitated by the catch position, which I am still not completely comfortable in.), but I managed to get through them. I picked up the jump-rope (not entirely sure of my scaling), and a miracle happened.

I strung together 33 picture-perfect double-unders, with NO single-bounces in between. Just pure, clean double-unders. With a bit of prescience, I knew that wouldn't happen again, decided to count my blessings, and scale the double-unders from 100 per round to 33, which would give me a total of 100, the most I've ever attempted in a workout. The second round of hang power cleans was also unbroken, mostly off the high from my accomplishment with the jump-rope.  Heading back to the rope for the second time, I tried to not jinx myself. I got 12 chained together, another 3, then finished the set unbroken. Still a very good performance for me, especially with the increasing oxygen debt and muscle fatigue!

My only thought for the final round of hang power cleans was "unbroken." Just do them all at once. Don't put the bar down. Don't let go. It was a very near thing. I wanted to drop it so bad after the 8th rep, and just pushed through for two more reps, with my wrists and forearms on FIRE. Everything else was sore, too, but those were just screaming at me. As I grabbed the jump-rope, I saw that my time was at about 6:30. I figured if I finished at the 8-9 minute mark (already assuming I wouldn't replicate 33 unbroken double-unders), I would be really happy with my performance.

And that began 5 minutes of the worst, most pathetic jump-rope you've seen in your entire life. I could barely single bounce, much less get a double-under, much less string together multiples. I couldn't even get back to the single bounce! I was just *shot*. I struggled through, and in desperation, managed to string together about 5 at the end, when I really only needed 2. So, for the final round of jump-rope, in 5 minutes I completed 36 double-unders. I think. Its entirely possible that in the pain and fatigue, I might have miscounted. I tried not to, but I personally can't really vouch for the number 36, which was the other reason for overshooting 33. I can almost guarantee I didn't miss more than 3 reps, so either way I should be all good. Ugh. I seriously thought I was going to die after that.

Total time: 11:00.

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