Sunday, March 13, 2011

11-03-11: Farmer carries, running, jumping pull-ups and goblet squats

CrossFit Garden City WoD for Saturday March 5, 2011
Dynamic Stretches
Farmers Walks w/ two 45lb dumbbells
Complete 10 laps - Length of gym and back is 1 lap (@60 paces)
3 rounds for time:

  • Run 400 meters
  • 15 Pullups30 Jumping Pull-ups
  • 30 KB Goblet Squats (24kg/16kg)
  • 15 Pullups30 Jumping Pull-ups

(Eastside SC)



Still feeling massively sore from the two previous workouts, I went into this one more or less hoping it would at least help relieve some of that! Writing this up two days after (Sunday evening, to be exact), the ab soreness is almost completely gone. Apparently, 70 reps of knees to elbows on Tuesday was a pretty heavy dose! :S

I warmed up with farmer's walks, using two 45# dumbbells. In the original Rx, it was designed as a team effort to complete 20 lengths of the gym. Being just me, I opted to complete a lap, then rest and stretch a bit, then do another. The first several were easy, but I was *glad* to be done with the 10th lap! Some more stretching, then some more failing completely to link double-unders. Very disheartening to have really thought I had unlocked the secret to double-unders just to completely lose it again.

I set the treadmill to 10 mph, 0% grade. Since this would only be three rounds, I was hoping to keep that speed constant. I also planned on doing the suggested scaling of 30 jumping pull-ups, rather than 15 regular pull-ups, since shooting for a total of 30 regular pull-ups per round (90 total) would have been pointlessly fool-hardy. I probably wouldn't even have been able to finish the first round! The goblet squats I did with a 55# dumbbell, since we don't have kettlebells that go that heavy, and even if we did, the version we have (Powerballs, or whatever) have a much reduced handle area, making it nearly impossible to grip with two hands. Pointless pieces of crap.

Ran the first 400m with no problems, then banged out 30 jumping pull-ups, 20 then 10. The goblet squats proved to be no problem, but the second set of jumping pull-ups in the first round was deadly. I fought through it, but the cardio aspect of jumping that much caught up with me very quickly. After making it through, I staggered back to the treadmill.

The second 400m was rough, but I made it. Forced my way through the 3rd set of jumping pull-ups, did the goblet squats easily, then forced through the 4th set of jumping pull-ups. These HURT by this point. My lats were completely smoked, and my grip was starting to get sore. I mean, I know I'd only done 120 by this point, but still...

The 3rd run killed me. Nearly. I had to stop after the first 150m to slow the treadmill down, and was barely able to convince myself to get back on it. I watched the counter slowly click off hundredths of a mile, trying to make the excuse that I needed an easy number to add the final .15 of a mile to. Finally, I got back on, promptly slowed it down again after another 75-100m or so, and barely made it to the end. I was huffing and puffing like I had never worked out in my life. My lungs were on fire, and I was basically feeling completely run over.

I took a few seconds to get myself together, including a stopped clock potty break. As soon as I got back into the gym, I restarted the clock while I sipped some more water and prepped myself for the rest of the round. Having taken a minute or two to recover, I promised myself one thing: all three remaining exercises would be unbroken. I pounded through the 5th set of jumping pull-ups, trying to find the rhythm where the landing of one rep is the loading for the jump of the next. I ripped off the final set of goblet squats like they were nothing, then proceeded to march through the final jumping pull-ups, trying to make the last 10 as picture perfect as possible.

Total Time: 18:45

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