Monday, March 14, 2011

11-03-14: "Diane" and ring work

CrossFit Garden City WoD for March 7th, 2011

Dynamic Warmup

Benchmark! - "Diane"
21-15-9 reps of:
Deadlift - Men: 185, 155 or 135, Women: 125, 110 or 95
HSPU: Scale reps, Shortened ROM (1,2,3 AbMats) or Regular Pushups

Jolie Gentry lifting my 1RM deadlift. Strong really IS the new skinny. (
I betcha this pic is from an affiliate doing "Diane!" People inverted on a wall, heavy bars waiting for them... "Diane!" (


Named workouts scare the heck out of me. Especially those with women's names. Maybe its the fact that, usually (or at least *sometimes*), they kind of look easy on paper.  Sure, there are the hour long hero workouts that, no matter what, are going to grind you down through sheer volume ("Murph" springs to mind). A lot of the CrossFit Girls seem to be more 'kick the tires, light the fires' sorts of workouts: fast and brutal. Well, ok, if you're me, then kinda fast, at least at first, then brutal for a very long time. Today was no exception.

I was pleased with my mature decision to scale the weight. My first thought was to go full bore, since 225# is well-below my current (and likely inaccurate) 1RM of 285#. However, I realized that 225# was prescribed for those who have way heavier 1RMs, and that it really represents more like a 50-60% weight for them. Accordingly, I dropped to the highest scaled weight, and hoped that would be enough.

I kicked around the option of doing some form of pike push-ups, or elevated feet, or something kinda basic, but ultimately chose to go with handstand push-ups, but knew going in that my ROM start out close to ideal, but quickly fade to mere inches. All in all, I figured that the time in the handstand (wall assist!) would be even more awful that full(er) ROM push-ups of another variety. I believe I was proven correct.

I failed to keep all three rounds of deadlifts unbroken, having to rest my exploding lungs in both of the first two rounds. I hated doing it during the first, but would have died in the second, so that one didn't sting as badly. The handstand push-ups were pure murder, so the first round was divided into 3 sub-sets of 7, while the second round was 3 subsets of 5. The final round of deadlifts I kept unbroken, while the final handstand push-ups included a seventh rep that was total garbage. After resetting, I repeated that rep and finished out as strong as possible. Read: not very. ;)

Total time: 12:45ish

After resting for a good 15-20 minutes, and doing a little more jump-rope, which led directly to cramping in my left foot, I pulled out the gymnastic rings, and started to play around with those. Yesterdays Gymnastics WoD featured false grip progressions, so I worked on those. I also did some knee raises-to-L-sit holds, as well as dips and a few pull-ups. I still have almost NOTHING in the way of a false grip, but I'm determined to get it. Highlight of ring-work was having a know-it-all freshman, who was earlier trying to show off his "mad push-up skills" (I didn't have the heart to direct him to the awesome CrossFit push-up video), attempt to get on the rings. he looked as bad as I did MY first time! :S Hell, I was at least able to kind of hold the control position...even if my hands were shaking badly!

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