Tuesday, September 6, 2011

11-09-05: Front squats and double-unders

Elm City CrossFit WoD for Tuesday, September 5th, 2011
Eva T. dominating a front squat. Makin' it look easy. Jerk. (crossfit.com)
Double-unders. I'm almost getting good at these! (games2010.crossfit.com)
This is about how a 100m sprint feels by the end of it! (cdindoorrowing.org)

New Warm-up
  • Roll:
    • Hip Flexor
    • Piriformis
    • Back
  • Core:
    • Single Leg bridge w/ opposite knee pull
    • Plank w/pelvic rotation
  • Balance:
    • OH Step-up to balance
  • Agility:
    • Single Leg * Hops

WoD: 11 min AMRAP

  • 7 Front Squat @ 95#
  • 10 Double Unders


  • 6 x 100m Row - sprint
Feeling a bit better, but with continuing wrist/forearm issues, I was both looking forward and terrified of what this workout would do to me. Turns out I was right and wrong!  The new warm-up was pretty good, hitting a couple of new areas (at least for me), and targeting the core in new and exciting ways.

After going through the movement standards for the front squat with a weighted pvc (and having early misgivings about my right wrist), I quickly rolled it out on one of ECC's taped-together racquet-ball pairs. It seems that the tightness has migrated to the top part of my forearm, which makes sense, since that area would have been pulled against for weeks now by tightness on the underside. After extensively rolling that wrist and forearm out, I was hopeful that I could complete the workout at 95#, which is nowhere near the Rx'ed 75% of 1RM (which should be approx. 135#).  However, all things considered, I was happy just to be up and squatting.

Using all power cleans (ie, NOT working in a full (or squat) clean, to cut down on total movements), I just tried to keep cranking. I had a few moments of just staring at the bar, and more than a few of waiting for my arms to start going of their own accord on the double-unders, but I made a very conscious decision to just take a deep breath (or three) and get back to work. I had a few rounds where the double-unders were easy, a few where they sucked, and I have a few welts on the back of my hands nearly 10 hours later, but for the most part, the double-unders came easily.

Total Rounds: 8 + 4 front squats

The sell-out of 6 100m rowing sprints felt REALLY good. Its a small enough chunk of time that you can just swing for the fences while you're on the rower, but still recover fairly quickly when you get off. I liked this, a lot. A few of the rests took too long, but as people started finishing up, the rounds cycled a bit faster, so my last 3 were done in about the same amount of time as the first two alone. Twice I ended up starting a fraction of a second after someone else on the other rower, and beating them to the end of the 100. That felt good. It was also cool to see everyone's different styles, and see some of the issues and kinks (the legs that never reach full extension, creating a moment when the arms are still rowing and contracting, even while the legs are already scooting the body in, resulting in a total waste of energy and efficiency, for example). Nice little mental coaching game.

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