Tuesday, September 13, 2011

11-09-12: Back squats, clean-pull-up-run triplet

Elm City CrossFit WoD for Monday, September 12, 2011

No pics today. Sorry!

Strength: Back squat - 5RM: 15min limit
WoD: 3 Rounds For Time
  • 3 (Squat) Cleans 115#
  • 7 Pull-ups (Band assist)
  • 200m Run
Noooo sleep going into this one, but I was determined to make a good show on the squats. After a few warm-up sets, I slowly climbed to a new 5RM of 245#. If I had had a minute or two longer, I would have shot for 250# or 255#, but since the pace of two guys alternating on the squat rack with a little time to adjust the weights in between didn't leave too much in the tank for recovery, I kind of think that would have led to a failure on the set... but we'll never know, and I would NOT have approached it as "I'm going to fail." I'm desperate to get my heavy lift numbers up, and squatting barely more than bodyweight is something I'd really like to fix. 

Ignoring Coach Vin's redundant sarcasm (Every clean is a "squat" clean, unless clearly specified. You don't need to modify "clean" to make it a "squat clean"), we were allowed to "pseudo-squat clean," meaning that after what amounts to a power clean, THEN we would complete the motion with a front squat. I started out the first round doing the pseudo version, but then started to really work on getting the real version down. The weight was light enough (determined by an ever improving feeling in my wrists and forearms), that I didn't need to focus *too much* on the other parts of the lift, letting me focus on one of my biggest goats, the fear that if I try to catch the bar in a squat, I'll fail. Clearly, the rest of the chain is worthless if I can't go after the bar aggressively, so I tried to make that the focus of the cleans for the remainder of the workout.

My first round of pull-ups was done unassisted, as I failed to get myself a pull-ups station (too busy changing out weights once I determined that 145# would be too heavy for my wrists), so I ended up bouncing down 3 stations until I almost ran out of pull-up bars, grabbed one, and banged out 4 chin-ups, then 3 pull-ups. After that, I was able to work in on another set-up, as the other person sharing it and I were fairly well 180 degrees apart on the tasks at that point.

Running was running. The nice thing is this: Its starting to feel like the rest/recharge of workouts like this, implying its no longer the hardest, worst thing in the world. THAT'S a definite improvement in my book.

Total time: unknown (to be updated soon)

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