Friday, September 30, 2011

11-09-30: 2min Rep Maxes, 1 mile run timetrial

Elm City CrossFit WoD for Friday, September 30th, 2011

  • Max Rep: Pick 2
    • 2min Push-ups
    • 2min Sit-ups
    • 2x Deadhang Pull-ups
  • Time Trial: Pick 1
    • 1 mile Run for Time
    • Row 1500m
Another cold, moist morning in Connecticut. Although I got more sleep than usual before a workout, I awoke feeling slower than usual. Fun fun fun. After a thorough warm-up, we went over the rules, reps, and range-of-motion requirements for the various movements. I chose push-ups and sit-ups, trying to select for obvious weaknesses, but let's be fair, pull-ups are another "obvious weakness," so who am I kidding?

Sit-ups were performed with feet anchored, arms crossed in front of the chest (navy style). The top target was to brush the underside of the bicep on the top of the knee cap, which would ensure that the shoulders had come up and moved in front of the hip crease, which was the real ROM requirement. Due to the way this arm position affected the back, the rest position was at the bottom. If you chose Army style sit-ups (fingers interlaced, hands behind the head), the "rest" position would be at the top of the movement. Suckers. 

For the push-ups, the ROM was from full-elbow lockout in the top position down to having the elbows inside of 90 degrees. So not necessarily having the chest touch the floor, trying to make everyone's respective ROM about the same. The rest position could be either at the top, sort of a yoga downward dog, or in the bottom. Either way, the hands could NOT leave the floor, nor greatly adjust their position during the 2 minutes. Either would result in the termination of the attempt.

The run was just a freaking run. Stupid running.

I chose to start off with the sit-ups, feet anchored under the white-board. I managed to keep going for pretty much the entire first minute, but fell off substantially in the second minute. I resolved (perhaps emptily) to start doing at least 50 sit-ups a night, just to start getting in extra reps. Probably a waste of time and effort, but man, I thought I had more than a minute's worth of work in me before needing rest. Total reps: 42 

I set a new single effort max for push-ups, cruising to 15 with few issues. After a few much shorter efforts, I was reduced to clawing and scratching my way to a final count of 28.

I was hoping for an 8 minute mile. However, either because of the preceding work, or just because it was still a slow, cold moist morning, I ended up stopping twice to walk and catch my breath. Total time: 9:30

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