Thursday, September 22, 2011

11-09-19: Deadlifts and shrugs, body weight couplets

Elm City CrossFit WoD for Monday, September 19th, 2011
The deadlift. (
Shrugs. (

Strength: 4 rounds:
  • 2 Deadlift @90%
  • 10 Shrugs
WOD: 2x
  • Max Rep Pull-up
  • Max Rep HSPU
  • 1min Rec
Score is total PU + HSPU
Sellout: 90 sec each
  • Max Rep Push-up
  • Rest
  • Max Rep Sit-up
Full body burner. The deadlifts train total strength, especially posterior chain. The shrugs were less for trapezius work, and focused more on the grip, and it was actually expected that we might not make it to 10 reps. Which made me feel a bit better about only making it to 5 on my best set! So, apparently I need to do grip work in the 300# range. Fair enough.

Pull-ups and hand-stand push-ups were both band assist, and I failed to get final counts. (I knew them when they happened, but didn't write down what made it up onto the white board. Doh!!) This was my first time doing band-assist push-ups in a WoD, and it felt kind of good to not have time to overthink it... just kick up and find the band with my feet, and get going.  Not bad.

Final couplet of push-ups and sit-ups was kind of brutal after the rest of the work we had already done. I ended up switching to fist push-ups for the final 45 seconds, just to take some strain off my wrists and forearms. 28 push-ups in 90 seconds. Sit-ups were done on an ab-mat, with knees wide (to take hip flexors out of the motion). Felt pretty good up until the last 20-30 seconds... then speed fell off dramatically. 34 reps.

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