Wednesday, September 28, 2011

11-09-28: Jump rope and overhead squats

Elm City CrossFit WoD for Wednesday September 28th, 2011
Double-unders. Crappy technique on the left. Excellent technique on the right. (CrossFit East Sacramento)

Overhead squatting. I need my technique to get better, so that my strength will be able to improve, which will let me improve my technique. Wait. What?! (Florida Today)

Buy-in: 5 min of:
  • Jump rope for points.
Single jumps worth 1, doubles worth 2, and triples worth 3

Strength: Overhead Squats
  • 10-10-10-10
Start @ 70% and +3% each set
If you miss that set is over

Jump rope went pretty well, though admittedly I lost count at about 15. I can guesstimate that I hit around 200-250 in total points between singles and doubles. Honestly, I have no idea. Doh. Needless to say, my lungs were smoked and my shoulders were on fire and my calves were extra crampy, with a side of cramp. Sweetness.

Given my on-going issues with both overhead squat form and wrist issues, I was NOT enthused about my odds in this workout. However, a little inexpertly applied athletic tape later, I was ready to rock. Of course, that didn't really take into account the REST of the problems (calves, tight IT bands and adductors, etc.) Heh.

After a warm-up set of 10 with the empty bar, I rocked straight into my work sets. My first set at 65# (a more or less common weight for me lately) was sort of a train-wreck. I ignored the instructions, and despite failing forward twice, fought through all 10 reps. Second set, at 75#, was pretty craptastic too. I failed out at 8 reps, and let that one go.

Oddly, the next two sets were pretty freaking good. At 80#, I nailed all ten reps and felt pretty good about it. At 85#, even though it was a bit of a struggle, I still managed all ten reps. I don't know if I just need a ton of warm-up, or if the heavier weights let me really settle in the correct position and drive all the way down to the bottom of the squat. Hm. I'd kind of like a good 15 minutes to look for a real 1RM, and figure out how far off my conception of what I can do under the bar really is.


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