Thursday, September 22, 2011

11-09-21: Snatches and skill work

Elm City CrossFit WoD for Wednesday, September 21st, 2011
Definitely click through to the original webpage to Enolympiate this picture. The weight starts on the floor, gets deadlifted to just above the knee, then the hips, knees and ankles all open up as forcefully as possible, launching the bar, rendering it weightless for the split second it takes to get under it, catch it, and stand up with it. Sounds really easy, right? (Wayne Joseph's Blog)

Max: Snatch - 20min total time
 -squat or power
Sellout: Skill Work
-band-assist hand-stand push-ups

Ah, the Olympic Lifts. They look so graceful when done well, and so amazingly awful when not. I tend to fall into the second category, because I'm usually way too inside my own head, thinking way too much at each step of the movement. And if you're thinking early (bar against the body, slow, yellow light, against the body, cleared the knee, green light, speed up, go go go, whip it up, shrug to redirect, elbows high and outside, snap the feet out to the receiving position, bar close to the body, pull your head out of the way, drop drop drop you ass, get under the bar, about to catch the weight, how does my wrist feel, going to take the weight, am I balanced, are my feet in the right position, am I deep enough, is the bar over the center of balance, can I help it if its not, omigod omigod omigod omigod.... etc etc etc.)  I have to imagine that, with much more practice and comfort, at least 2/3rds of that running monologue can be eliminated, or at least silenced! Some of it is good, especially the pointers and cues that lead to perfect lifts. However, the questions and fears are no good, and need to be silenced.

After a good technique demo with weighted pvc pipes, we moved onto our bars. After a few power snatches with the empty bar (minimal squat depth on the catch), I started working up in weight. 65#, no real issues, though still not feeling overly comfortable. 95#, no real issues. 115#, same. 135#, and I was struggling to continue just power snatching the bar, but I just could NOT get my ass moving back down under the bar. I spent some time watching other Elm City athletes hitting it, trying to figure out if my road block was mental or physical or what. I actually didn't ever solve the question during this workout. I did manage to successfully snatch the 135#, but I need to check to see if that's a PR or not. It might not be, though its probably the best lift with the best form I've had, even if there is room for tons of improvement.

After the fact, I ended up watching the olympic lifting video Elm City posted on the workout page (first link at the top of this posting), and I remembered that I used to watch a TON of videos BEFORE attempting workouts, with more of the techniques and approaches visually imprinted on my brain. That always seems to help... I may not be able to put into words exactly what I'm seeing, but I can tell if I'm replicating it or not. I may also not be able to explain HOW I'm not doing it the same, but the overall knowledge and awareness is there. Lesson learned: I need to do my homework BEFORE working out from now on.

Heaviest power snatch: 135#

Skill work: More band-assist hand-stand push-ups. One of my goals is to get more comfortable inverted. Kicking up into the handstand is still vaguely terrifying to me, so I'm hoping that through sheer repetition, it becomes both mundane and boring. I may suck at running, but it doesn't actually scare me. I want being in a handstand, whether band-assisted, wall-assisted, or free-standing, to feel equally "boring." 

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