Tuesday, March 16, 2010

10-03-16 - Back Ext, K2E, and OH Squats

Back Ext, K2E, & OH Squats


8:00 Jumping Rope
Active Stretching

AMRAP 20 of:
15 x Back Extensions
15 x K2Es
15 x 95lb Overhead Squats
Total Rounds Completed: 5

4th set of OH squats, I got a strange tingling in my arms which spread from my thumb and first two fingers all the way up to my shoulders, on both sides.  I'm assuming I managed to compress the nerve in my wrist with the heavy weight pressing my hands back. Right arm cleared up pretty quickly, but I'm still getting the occasional tingle/ghost pain in the left.  Have to keep an eye on that. Completed a fifth round of all exercises despite the weirdness of the tingling.

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