Tuesday, March 9, 2010

10-03-08 L-sit Pull-ups, Hand-stand pushups, and OH One-legged squats

Warm up with 5 minutes jump-rope, still trying to tie the basic bounce and the jog step together. Finished with 20 double-unders.  Active stretching and activation:

5 rounds for time:

5 L-sit pull-ups
5 Handstand pushups
10 OH one-legged squats, with 35# barbell overhead.

This was a massively scaled workout (pull-ups down from 15, down from a 15' rope climb in L-sit pose... scha!).  Range of motion on both the handstand push-ups and the one-legged squats was small, to say the least. Definitely have to look into progressions for both, but it WAS the first time I was able to get ANY motion on the HSPUs, so I'll take it! ;)  For the final two rounds, dropped to elevated-foot pike push-ups, doing 10 per round.  Threw in a few extra pull-ups on those rounds when I had to work in with someone, and a final extra set of 5, bringing the total up to 33ish, instead of the "as-intended scaling" of 25.  Nowhere near the Rx'ed 75, but screw that! ;)

About 13 minutes to complete.  Feeling it mostly in the wrists (pull-ups yesterday for "Helen," so that's not too surprising.")  Otherwise, feeling pretty good. Knees are gonna kill me later from the squats, but that's an ok price to pay. ;)

More jump-rope to cool down, finishing with another 20 double-unders.

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