Monday, March 22, 2010

10-03-22 Deadlifts and Double-Unders/Tuck Jumps

7:00 Exercise Bike
Active Stretching

3 rounds of:
10 x 245lb Deadlift
50 x Double-unders/Tuck Jumps

About 35 minutes, but working in with J, since we only have the one bar, and not enough weight to load two if we did have them! Set a PR trying the Rx'ed 275# weight, but decided that completing the workout at that weight would probably kill me/us.  Dropped it to 245# and completed.  Did the  Rx'ed Double-Unders for the first round and the first 10 reps of the second round, but switched to Tuck Jumps in the name of actually ever finishing and getting a more intense cardio workout (rather than having to stop every 3-4 jumps to untangle the rope).

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