Friday, March 19, 2010

10-03-19 "Annie" Double-Unders and Sit-ups 50-30-20-10

"Annie" (slightly scaled)

4 rounds, 50-30-20-10 reps, for time (untimed, because I forgot)
  • Double-Unders
  • Sit-ups
There was supposed to be a fifth round (really the second) of 40 reps, but I was struggling so much to chain ANY double-unders together that I opted to skip the 2nd and 4th rounds (40 and 20).  However, while doing what would have been the last round, I decided to go to 20 instead of 10, and then do a final set of 10 as well, meaning I only skipped that 2nd round of 40 reps.  110 reps of each exercise.  Not bad for a bad day on which I was really feeling too tired to work out! ;)

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