Tuesday, May 11, 2010

10-05-11: HSPUs, DB Squat Cleans, L-Pull-Ups

CrossFit WoD for May 10th, 2010:

Seven rounds for time of:

  • 10 Handstand elevated pike push-ups
  • 45 35# dumbbells Squat clean, 10 reps
  • 10 L-pull-ups (jumping pull-ups, whatever works...)

7 minutes of warm up on the exercise bike, followed by active stretching.

Actually did the pull-ups right after the push-ups, since there were two of us using the same Smith machine frame for our pull-ups.  For all 7 rounds, the push-ups were fairly easy...at least, I could do all 10 in one quick shot.  The pull-ups became ever more labored and slow, and quickly devolved from L-sit pull-ups to jumping pull-ups, as I fought to just get off the damn floor!  Dumbbell squat cleans had only the slightest squat, but were damn tiring anyways.  Last few sets had to be broken into 5-5.

Basically, I wanted to quit after the second round. And after the fourth. And definitely after the 5th. Didn't mind after the 6th, because who quits that close to the end. I realized I wish I had about 10 seconds into the 7th round, but kept going, because why quit *that* close to the end??


@ 25 minutes to complete. Including some very welcome chit-chat regarding the possibilities of getting the school to pay for CrossFit level one certification.  That would rule...but they would probably want me to do the squat cleans with some squat going on.  Like I say: Ugh.

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