Wednesday, May 26, 2010

10-05-26: L-Sits, Good Mornings, Sit-Ups, Back Extensions

CrossFit WoD for May 26th, 2010:

Three Four rounds for time of:

  • 60 30 seconds L-sit
  • 45 pound barbell Good mornings, 30 15 reps
  • 60 30 Abmat sit-ups 
  • 25 pound plate Back Extensions, 30 15 reps

For the L-sit, accumulate 60 30 sec. For the Good mornings and Back extensions, minimize rest over speeding the movement. For the Abmat sit-ups (substitute a rolled-up towel if needed), feet unanchored with soles together.

Subbed and scaled as noted, with the decision to add in a 4th round at the end of the 3rd.  I'm glad I didn't attempt the full amount for three rounds, as there is pretty much no way I would have gotten the 60 seconds for the first L-sits, much less two more times! I can barely do them as a press off the floor, so tried to sub in doing hanging from the frame of our otherwise useless Smith machine.  I paid for the last two days' worth of pull-ups on that decision, but it really was the only way.  (Damn, just watched the CF video for L-Sits...definitely easier with parallelettes.)

For the sit-ups, I ended up doing the final 45 on a decline bench.  More ROM, but with feet/knees anchored.  I just didn't have the oomph do any more on the floor with a rolled up shirt under me without each one turning into a full body flop to get moving.  Not sure if a more supportive Abmat would have helped with that, never having worked with one.

Total time @24 minutes (short break before opting for the 4th round, so not sure of an accurate timing)

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